Zydeco Dance Steps - steps coverd during lesson & workshops

Online Zydeco Video Dance Lesson
Click Here for a review of the basic step from Zydeco instructor Greg Benusa (45 Meg File) This is directly from the Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD.

Additional Zydeco Dance Step Information
zydecoinstr.htm by Jeremy Rice w/a few small additions from Greg Benusa

Brief Review of Zydeco & Intermediate Move
Here is a video clip from a dance festival where each instructor did a video review of what they taught.... enjoy..

Video of Zydeco dancers

Check out the following examples of Zydeco dancing from some hot dancers...

Gary Hayman's web site
http://users.erols.com/ghayman/menu.htm is the "mother" of all C/Z information web sites. He has accumulated a ton of detailed information about Zydeco and Cajun dance as well.

Jeremy's web site
is also a great reference for other C/Z information as well.