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Membership rates change January 1, 2006

The Board of Directors has approved a rate increase effective January 1, 2006 for all classes of membership. The new annual rates will be:

Regular Memberships: Single $20.00; $35.00 for couples.

Contributing Memberships: Single $35.00; $50.00 for couples

Sustaining Memberships: $100.00 for single or a couple

Student rate: $10.00

Regular Members will receive 1 free ticket for personal guests at a CFCZ dance.
Sustaining Members will receive 2 free tickets for personal guests at CFCZ dance(s).
Contributing Members will receive 4 free tickets for personal guests at a CFCZ dance.

General information

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Dan Willging
Membership CFCZ
303 870-1156

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