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In 1995 when Colorado Cajun Dance Band's Hugh Robertson booked two of Louisiana's Cajun dance bands, Balfa Toujours and the Savoy-Smith Band featuring Marc and Ann Savoy with world-class fiddler Ken Smith. The two bands played the Swallow Hill Fais-Do-Do of October and November that year as well as other area gigs like the Gold Hill Inn, outside of Boulder. Those that attended both gigs remember that this was perhaps the best dancing of 1995. Best of all, both Balfa Toujours and the Savoy-Smith bands saw there was legitimate, homegrown Cajun music in Colorado and a dance scene comparable to any in the country.

What looked like a huge risk for promoter Hugh Robertson turned out to be a break-even venture. But it was these two gigs that proved the concept could work. Louisiana bands could travel to Colorado, play dances, enthrall their crowds and a 2nd mortgage isn't necessary to pay the costs.

In '96, Colorado was treated to one of the best non-Louisiana Cajun bands, the fabulous Bone Tones from Minneapolis. Doug Lohman, the band's manager, told me that the guys had never been to Colorado and heard good things about its natural beauty and enthusiastic dance scene. That was also a night to remember - if you weren't there, oh well!

Last year, '97, Steve Burnside of the Zukes of Zydeco jumped into the booking game. Through his keen business acumen, we were able to dance to multiple nights of Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys as well as Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie.

Now the time has come. The Colorado Friends of Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance has come out of the closet as a non-profit organization designed to bring Louisiana touring acts to the best state in the nation as well as create and expand a greater awareness of the music we all love.

To make it happen, we need you! We need your input, your enthusiasm, and your dancing shoes. It's a great way to make new friends and meet new dance partners while passing a good time.

A regular membership is only $20; a sustaining membership is $30. Contributing memberships are $100. You get a newsletter informing you of what's happening; cool events and excellent music; discounts; and at the $100 level, two tickets to sponsored shows.

Please consider joining this worthwhile cause. Email us at: cfczorg@gmail.com

Colorado Friends of Cajun/Zydeco Music & Dance
3331 S. Dayton Street
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 870-1156

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